Sorry guys for last week didn’t sharing music with you guys

It was a busy week for me●︿● I got a new job and unfinished work of the old company

hope you guys can forgive me Q_Q

Song for this week “Post Malone – Psycho ft. Ty Dolla $ign”

Please enjoy the song and leave a comment to let me know what do you think;)

Malone’s previous hit “rockstar” had an entirely different appeal to the song.

In rock star, he talks about the pitfalls of fame and money.

But in a later single, “psycho,” Malone talked about how to enjoy life.

The name of the song “Psycho” can mean that he is living a crazy life filled with the best money can afford.

The Associated Press is said to be referring to Swiss watch maker Audemars piguet.

Hope you all enjoy this audio,
thank you for your browsing,
see you all next month bro;)

Andy Wong

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  26. Robertcibia says:
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