Halo all, happy to sharing songs with you guys in the middle of June~

Song for this week “OneRepublic ft. Logic – Start Again”

Please enjoy the song and leave a comment to let me know what do you think;)

OneRepublic today with Logic,

release a new song To Start Again,

this first Start Again is 13 having TV series according To the episode,

also is the second release of the album,

sounds like Selena Gomez’s Back To sound style is different,

but are a bit dark, tear elements,

in the song You can hear a faint some hope, seeking and rebirth.

The whole song lyrics in writing is about a man after losing everything profound introspection and confessions,

tell myself I want to return again, and tell the people around, I’m sorry,

let you down in the past, let you hurt, also thank you always by my side,

look at me,

with me,


let’s open heart to each other again,

struggle again.

I just wanna roll my sleeves up
And Start Again

Hope you all enjoy this audio,
thank you for your browsing,
see you all next week bro;)

Andy Wong

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