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“The Chainsmokers, Drew Love – Somebody”
The original song released at 20/4/2018 and the remix version album released at one month later 24/5/2018.
This time The Chainsmokers created this song with Drew Love.
Drew Love is a very powerful singer, he really makes this song wonderful!

Drew Love is such a great singer,
The brisk pace and electric tone matched his soft voice,
It’s really super nice!!!

And after three songs, Andrew Taggart was alone,
The song finally brought in a more professional singer,
It also made me love their works more,
And finally, there are more electrical elements in the song,
It’s like The Chainsmokers before.

The lyrics of this song mainly say that they are themselves and will never imitate others,
And said that they do not desire fame and fortune, only want to be theirself,
Shake off the previous world-weary style and become more positive.

Hope you all enjoy this song and have a nice week,
thank you for your browsing<3,
see you next week bro;)


Andy Wong

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